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Year in Review: Events and Lessons of 2011.

Here's my traditional Year In Review post!

Hmmmm. 2011. What can I say?

It was an incredibly monumental year for me.
I've grown so much.
My personality has changed, for the better I feel.
I also feel that I'm headed in the right direction now.

Okay, let's break this down in a list!

Big Events of 2011:
1. January- Family vacation to Maui!! And the Morris family was there, too!
2. February- My first time to do Sing Song!
3. March- My first Spring Break campaign, to Boston. Got to know lots of great people, help out with some awesome ministies, and got to see the city!
4. April- Went to the PASSION Conference in Dallas. Changed my life.
5. May- Garrett graduated from ACU! Luckily, he's still in Abilene for one more year though...I'm not ready for him to be far away!
6. June, July- Worked as a counselor at ACU Leadership Camps. My first real job! Incredibly rewarding. Amazing coworkers, precious campers, unbelievable spiritual growth, and too many fun memories …