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Let's Talk About Counseling!

I remembered a couple days ago an important part of mental illness that I  haven't discussed on my blog yet: treatment! Counseling! Therapy! Whatever you want to call it, there's a stigma around it. There's just this sense among the general population that if you need therapy you must be weak or crazy or both.'s the deal. Maybe I am both! Without Jesus, I am weak. Without my meds, I am crazy. But neither are because I go to counseling.

Let me tell you something: going to counseling--for any reason--is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself.

Myth: Going to counseling means you are weak.
Truth: Going to counseling (therapy) means you are strong. It takes a lot more strength to ask for help and get the help you need and work through your problems than it does to hide from your problems.

Myth: Counseling is weird or scary.
Truth: It's mostly just talking. You just talk. And in the process, you get things off your chest that were bothering you, and …

For My Campers.

Whether or not you were my camper on my hall either year, a camper in one of my MPulse groups, an MPulse camper who came to my journaling class, or just a camper who knew me as a camp counselor...this post is FOR YOU.

Dear sweet and precious campers, both current and former:

I want to explain about my life now, because I know some (or many) of you read my blog.
So, you probably know by now that I am struggling with mental health issues.
If you didn't know...well, now you know. I'm not ashamed of it, it's part of my life and my story. It's part of the story of God's continuing redemption in my life. I encourage you to read my blog and join me on my journey.

I also encourage you to claim your own story, no matter what it may be. Let God be your redemption. 
Now, read on for some advice from your former camp counselor!

The first thing I want you to know is that I'm still Haley!
I'm still the counselor and Christian that you knew and (hopefully) loved.
I'm still…