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A 24th Birthday Prayer.

Lately, I've finally been giving out my blogging "business" cards, so I felt that I needed to update my good ol' blog. Also, I turned 24 a few weeks ago! So, those two things (handing out my cards and my 24th birthday) motivated me to write the next 24 things, in the form of a prayer. Here it goes....

Dear Lord, 
1. Thank you for another year of life. I know that you ordained and blessed my life 24 years ago and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I praise you, and I ask that if it be your will I would be blessed with many more years on Earth to struggle & fight for your Kingdom...because for me to live means I get more chances to share my story of Your redemption, and to die means I get to be with You in paradise forevermore. Either way, I'm good! It is well with my soul! 
2. Thank you for my family. I pray protection over them and that they would seek you, Lord. They have taken care of me and been a blessing for me in too many ways to count. I love ea…

For Aunt Jan.

Dear Aunt Jan,

This letter is mostly for me, but I don't mind others reading it. I really meant to write you a goodbye letter before I left for Argentina, just in case you passed away while I was out of the country. Little did I know that would be exactly the case.

It's been a little over two weeks since you died. I suppose I am still in shock. It doesn't seem like you're gone. My head knows the truth but my heart hasn't caught up yet.

I was sitting in a restaurant in Buenos Aires, Argentina when I found out you had died. Dad called us on wifi. It was such a shock; so terrible. But I had just been praying that very morning--not knowing how badly you were doing--that God might take you home soon if you were in too much pain. God answered my prayer, but it wasn't exactly the answer I was hoping for.

I was hoping you might have more time. I was hoping we might have more time together. I was hoping I would get to really say goodbye.

I'm crying really hard now, …

For the Love of Dogs.

I don't know exactly when it happened, but I have a feeling I was born with it: my love of dogs. As long as I can remember I have been in love with dogs. I'm drawn to them, even more than I am drawn to people. I love dogs of all shapes and sizes, and even being bitten now and then when I was young won't stop me from loving almost every dog I meet. I've been bitten before, and I'm sure I'll be bitten again, because I cannot deny that there's just something special about dogs that fascinates me. 

Whenever I "graduated" from elementary school, I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and my answer was put in the yearbook along with all the other 4th graders. What I really wanted was just to work with dogs and have lots of puppies, so I said: "dog breeder." I don't think anyone took me seriously, probably because most kids really don't know what they actually want to do with their lives. After all, my brother (who is currently …