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Life After Death.

It's been over a month since my younger cousin Colby died, and today I went to the funeral of my beloved Great Uncle Elbert. Here's a fact: Life goes on after someone dies. Here's my question in response: How?!

How can life go on after the deaths of two people I love? How has the world not stopped spinning? In some ways, for me, it did stop spinning. My world stopped spinning, if only momentarily. I mean, those questions are rhetorical. They're part of the process of grief. When loved ones die, you want everyone to know, everyone to feel what you feel, for everything to be as affected by this horrible situation as you are yourself. At least that's how I feel, down to the person working a drive-through. I found myself laughing at myself this morning as I was driving out of the Chick-Fil-A parking lot with my chicken biscuit and heading to Uncle Elbert's funeral, all because the girl at the window said, "Have a good day!" and I almost said, "I won&…