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Dear Bipolar Disorder.

Dear Bipolar Disorder,

Under the recommendation of my therapist, I'm writing you a letter. It took me a few days to work up the courage to even want to "speak" to you.

Can I call you B.D?
You see, B.D...I hate you.
I hate what you make me say and do.
I hate who I have been because of you.
I hate when I lost control of my mind and you took over for a while.
I hate the way I sometimes treat my friends and family members because of you, B.D.
I hate what I imagine people think of me because of YOU.
I hate the part of me that is forever entwined with you.

You've changed my life in so many ways, and for the most part, I hate you for it. I hate your guts, Bipolar Disorder. You demand so much from me and those who love me. You cause me to say and do things I would never say or do on my own. For all of that and more, I hate you.

And yet, you are part of me. You are not all of me and I'll never again let you be my full identity. Yet, however much I want to let you go, I ca…