Public Private Letters, Part 2: Dear Kayla.

Dear Kayla,

I have some news, perhaps. I think I have decided to get my hair cut. It's time for a change. I don't know how drastic of a change just yet, but I'm just may be pretty short by the end of this!

Yes, it's time for a change. I'll start from the outside and make my way into my mind and my heart. Starting with some physical changes, I'll make my way to spiritual, emotional, and mental changes. You see, the last few weeks things haven't been working. I've spent far too much time in bed, sleeping my life away. I'm done with that. Starting right now, I'm done with sleeping away my life. Although I am fed up with feeling "stuck" here in Abilene, I want more than anything to participate and be fully present. So...I'm doing what it takes to make some changes. Starting with my hair!

You're the first person I've told about my decision to get my hair cut. Granted, I just decided tonight, and I'm also posting it here on my blog, and I'm planning to make an appointment for this next week to get my hair done, so...soon the whole world will know anyway. But still, I wanted to tell you first.

Kayla, I miss you. I miss having you in my house or right around the corner or even on the other side of town. I know that soon we'll have to go longer and longer in between our conversations or phone calls or getting to see each other, but I'll never be used to that! You are one of the best friends I've ever had--truly patient, kind, loving, and so much more. I am sad that you'll be unable to attend my birthday next weekend. You'll be sorely missed. But know you'll always, always, always, have a special place in my heart, my prayers, and a picture on my prayer wall. (Of course, I stole the idea for a prayer wall from you! You have been so faithful in prayer for me, and it's my turn to return the favor.) Even when I move to California next year, there will be a picture of you in my room to remind me to pray for you as often as I can. I love you with a huge piece of my heart, my friend.

When we were growing up, I always enjoyed your company, but we got together far less often than I would have liked. And the same was true during college. You've always lived near me, but we've never gone to the same school. And now, for basically the first time in our lives, you're moving to a different place, far away from me. Yet, know this: I am rejoicing with you in your journey, though I'll be sad to have you so far away. You've grown to be a friend I enjoyed far less often than I would have liked to a friend whose company I crave for the very well-being of my soul. You're a soul friend. You've walked through ups and downs, highs and lows and even regular old mediums of life with me, faithfully, loyally, and true to who you are. I know it can't always have been a joy to be my friend. I imagine it must be very challenging at times. But you've been there each time I needed you.

I'll save the rest of my goodbyes for your going away party--the thought of which almost makes me cry. No, I'm not eyes are sweating a little bit, but it's fine! I'll be okay.

And finally, I want you to know...every time I watch The Office and see the scene where the printer's out of ink and Creed's hair is black, I'll remember you and your contagious laughter.

I love you, my friend. Thank you for being wonderful.



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