Public Private Letters, Part 4: Dear Merritt.

Dear Merritt,

Have I told you lately that I'm proud of you? Well, I am. I'm proud of how strong you are, how hard you work, how much you care about others, and so much more! Even though you're physically shorter than me, I always have and always will look up to you!

I was sad to learn you couldn't make it to my birthday celebration this weekend, but I hope all goes well with beginning the process of planning/writing your thesis! I have realized more and more that graduate school is not for me (at least not right now), and I have more and more respect for those who are able to succeed and do well in graduate school. You're one of those, of course! And you're going on to get your doctorate! I couldn't be more proud.

Merritt, you're one of those friends who can tell me the truth. You're a true friend because you are capable of being really honest with me about things that truly matter, and you handle that truth with grace. I trust you with knowing about anything in my life, because I know you'll tell me the truth I need to hear. I love having talks with you about spiritual matters, or Gilmore Girls, or anything else for that matter. I just love talking with you! I am so glad we've been friends for so long. It's been amazing to see you grow into the wonderful woman of God you are today.

You are one of the friends who WILL be in my wedding when/if I get married, because you've been there through everything else and you have earned the title of one of my Soul Friends. You've been with me through cancer, camps, crushes, and lots of other things that don't start with a "C" haha. You visited me in the hospital in 2013, and you've walked with me through depression, bipolar, anxiety, and good ol' regular days.

You are irreplaceable in my life, Merritt. Your picture is on my prayer wall and I pray for you whenever I see it. I'm certain you pray for me, too. It's hard to believe that in the next several years we won't both be in Waco so much--you'll be getting your doctorate somewhere exciting, and I'll be getting my next degree out in California. And only the Lord knows where will end up after that, but I know we'll always be friends. I hope I get to be around for all the big moments in your life just as I know you'll be there for mine. I love you with a huge piece of my heart. Thank you for being my Soul Friend.



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