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Life Lately: thoughts on failure, shame, marriage, and Jesus.

So as many of you are aware by now, I withdrew quickly and quietly from school at ACU this past semester with no plans to return and finish my degree. It was simultaneously a really hard and really easy decision. Hard because I'd wanted to attend ACU almost my whole life and never thought I'd leave without graduating. Easy because I'd become tired, fed-up, depressed, and ready for something different.

And here I am. A college dropout. Not forever, but for now. I'm taking a gap year before I go to Bergin in California to complete a Bachelor's degree.

Allow me to be honest: I have felt and currently feel like a failure for dropping out of school. I have felt ashamed of my decision to leave school. I have felt sad about missing out. I have felt depressed about moving to another city and starting over.

As I've been trying to meet people in the church I'm going to now, I find it hard to even explain where I am in life right now, much less how I'm feeling abo…

Public Private Letters, Part 7: Dear Evan.

Dear Evan,

You're a Soul Friend. It's kind of like a best friend, except you can have many more than just one. You're one of mine.

As I'm writing this, you're sitting across from me at Starbucks, getting started studying. You just finished telling me how stressed you are about a bunch of things. I'm here to tell you I believe in you! I always I have. I believe you can do it. You always do!

It's been such a joy to see you grow up over the last 6 years or so. From a camper on my first hall at camp to an almost-graduate of college, you've come a long way--and so have I (although it often feels like I'm stuck in the same place!). You've been a constant encouragement to me, even when you probably didn't realize it. I loved being your Big in club, but I honestly felt like you encouraged me more often than I encouraged you!

Here's a few memories I have of you and some ways you have impacted me that you may not be aware of, and I'm fairly c…