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The First Boy I Ever Loved.

Ten years ago, I fell in love with a boy. It was love at first sight.

I met him the day he was born. At first, I was disappointed the baby was a boy. I had dreamed of babysitting a little girl. But when I met him, that changed. He was too precious for me to mind that he wasn't a girl. 
I remember the exact moment I bonded with Hagen. I remember exactly where I was sitting. It was after church, at small group. Everyone else was in the other room and I was holding him. I think he was about two weeks old. I was looking down into his cute little face, and that was it. There was no going back. We were bonded. I realized right then and there I loved that little baby with a huge chunk of my heart, and I'd pretty much do anything for him. 
Over the next couple years, we spent a lot of time together. My mom and I enjoyed being Hagen's "official" babysitters. He was a smart little cookie! We loved watching him learn and grow, and often quoted the funny little things he wou…

The Political Party of Compassion.

[Yes, this post is about Chick-Fil-A...sort of. Hear me out.]

One of my biggest role models is Shane Claiborne.
He's a very wise dude, and I've always loved hearing his perspective on things, which is why I was so excited when he was chosen as the spotlight speaker for ACU's Summit week my freshman year. Hearing him speak live was life-changing.
I recorded it, but I don't even have to listen to the recording to remember some of the incredible things he said.

The main statement that has always stood out in my mind above all the other things is this... When asked about his politcal party (whether he was conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, etc.) Shane said something to this effect:
"I choose not to take sides because I don't think that's what Jesus would have me do. I choose compassion, and compassion has no political party." -Shane Claiborne
Ever since I heard him say those words, I've tried not to affiliate myself with any specific politica…

Year in Review: Events and Lessons of 2011.

Here's my traditional Year In Review post!

Hmmmm. 2011. What can I say?

It was an incredibly monumental year for me.
I've grown so much.
My personality has changed, for the better I feel.
I also feel that I'm headed in the right direction now.

Okay, let's break this down in a list!

Big Events of 2011:
1. January- Family vacation to Maui!! And the Morris family was there, too!
2. February- My first time to do Sing Song!
3. March- My first Spring Break campaign, to Boston. Got to know lots of great people, help out with some awesome ministies, and got to see the city!
4. April- Went to the PASSION Conference in Dallas. Changed my life.
5. May- Garrett graduated from ACU! Luckily, he's still in Abilene for one more year though...I'm not ready for him to be far away!
6. June, July- Worked as a counselor at ACU Leadership Camps. My first real job! Incredibly rewarding. Amazing coworkers, precious campers, unbelievable spiritual growth, and too many fun memories …