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Loving Lindsey: Her Legacy.

So it's been two weeks since that awful night...the night of the wreck.

The night Lindsey's life ended.

The night she went to be with the Lord.

It was on that night that I felt like I was finally starting to get some footing; to come to grips with my diagnosis as Bipolar, because I just gone to see Silver Linings Playbook. It's a lot about Bipolar disorder and how everyone's a little bit cray. I came home from the movie full of hope and new resolve to face my illness with renewed strength and dignity. I immediately began a blog post...a video blog, actually, because I wanted people to be able to see my face as I described my disorder and my reaction to the movie.

Then, the terrible, awful moment when I happened to check Facebook at about midnight and learned about the wreck and that Lindsey Smith had been killed.

And everything came crashing down. It was like a bomb was dropped on the little house of confidence I had been building. Demolished, gone; nothing but ashes a…

Fears, Tears, and Redemption From Both.

[This is a continuation of my series on awareness of mental illness, and today I'm going to begin tackling one of the most difficult topics for me...Bipolar Disorder. I'm going to be honest and vulnerable. Please read this with as much respect and understanding as you can muster. Thanks.]

Everything feels all wrong right now.
My friend Lindsey is gone. My mental health is a daily battle. It's like I can't remember what it feels like to be normal, or to have just an average day. Or a happy day. Where have those gone?

I just can't catch a break...Satan's kicking me while I'm down, then kicking me again while he's at it.

I got some news today that I was dreading.
I'll go ahead and say it, because I need prayers about it:

I've finally been officially diagnosed with Bipolar 1.
If you don't know much about bipolar disorder, here's a quick article that may help you understand the different types of this disorder:

 "There are several types of b…