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Laughter and Tears: Saying Goodbye to The Office

If you know me, you probably know I love The Office. I quote it pretty much daily, in some form or another. I have every season on DVD, I have the trivia board game, and I've never missed an episode. In fact, I can truly say I've seen every single episode between 2-30ish times, with the exception of tonight's finale...but I'll watch it again soon.

I started watching The Office in 7th grade. Garrett got it on DVD for Christmas, and we didn't know much about the show. I remember the moment I knew I loved this show's quirky style and sense of humor...we were in the car on the way to our Christmas Day family reunion and were trying to finish Season 1's short 6 episodes. Episode 4, at the very end, there's this great moment where Jim pulls a prank on Dwight. When it happened, Garrett and I looked at each other, laughing hysterically. And it was like we knew: this is our new favorite, and maybe all-time favorite show. Even then, we knew.

There was no turning …