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Honesty vs. Sanity.

Let's get something straight here: I am not crazy. Not anymore anyway. There were a couple weeks when I was not in touch with reality, and during that time I was in a hospital in the care of professionals. Was I technically "crazy?" I guess you could call it that, although it pretty much hurts me to hear myself described that way. Anyway, I am not crazy anymore. I'm getting to be more and more stable every day. My doctor said I am "doing everything right." My therapist is optimistic about my progress. I am fully expecting to return to college in 2 months and make all A's in my classes (that's the goal anyway).

But during my time in the hospital I felt called to write. I felt called to shed light on mental illness--the dark parts that don't get talked about. Did I shoot myself in the foot by being so open and honest and vulnerable? Maybe. Because now I am labelled. Whether I like it or not, people or going to judge me however they please. (That&#…

Ups & Downs. [A Documentary]

On the off-chance that you'd be willing to watch this kind of long video, it will really help you understand bipolar disorder better.

This isn't every one's story. My story is not in this video. There are a few people I can relate to, but I've never been suicidal or made extremely destructive decisions such as drugs or alcohol. My experience has been a little more tame, I guess you could say.

But if you decide to watch this documentary in its entirety, I would truly appreciate it. I desire for more people to make the effort to understand this disorder.
Thank you.

[If the video doesn't show above, go to YouTube and search "Up/Down bipolar documentary"]

My favorite quote:

What does it feel like to be bipolar? 

"I think bipolar is like being in a boat, on an yourself. There are other people, but they're all on their own boats doing their own thing. But you're in this boat in this ocean and in one hand you hold the chain to an anchor …