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You Can't Always Get What You Want.

I haven't had much to say on the old blog in a while, but today I'm overflowing with thoughts that need to be let out.

Today was not the best day. I spent way too much time crying and not enough time sleeping last night to help balance out my mood. I found out today that I did not get the job I applied for this summer, the only job I have applied for so far and the only job I've ever really wanted so far. It wouldn't be so heartbreaking if I hadn't already worked there for two summers. Yep, you probably guessed what the job was. But I'm not here to complain about the people who didn't hire me, I'm really not. I love those people despite the fact that I am heartbroken and crushed and confused.

Some other things simply did not go my way today...I was unprepared for a popped quiz that I didn't know any of the answers for, I realized I'm doing very poorly in one of my classes, and a project I spent several hours working on last night fell through.