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Open & Closed Doors.

You know that song from Frozen, "Love is an Open Door"? (We won't talk about the fact that the song is actually basically a sham in the movie...sorry, spoiler alert: Hans is stupid.) Well, I've been thinking lately about the concept of open and closed doors. Both can be good. Sometimes it does not feel good to have a door close in your face, like not getting a job you wanted or the end of a relationship, but sometimes those things are for the best. I'm not saying they don't hurt, but sometimes what is right is not easy.

Lately, doors have been opening and closing for me left and right; job opportunities lost and prospective new ones opening up. Relationships ending and new ones beginning (several of the relationships were long since closed doors, but I'm just now admitting it). So I know, I know, I know that sometimes closed doors hurt. Trust me, I know. I've been heartbroken before.

But what I also know is that God works all things for the good of th…