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Revolutionary Road, Part 2.

Without further delay, I will explain what revolutionary things God has done in my heart and life this summer, and really over the past several years.

I didn't know it, but I was going down the wrong road. I thought it was the right road, which is why I was on said road, but God has gently revealed to me that, once again, He has different plans for my life--plans which I am beginning to see are bigger and better.

You may have read on my blog about what I like to call my "white picket fence" dream. Basically, it consists of wanting to graduate college, get married, have 3-4 children, go to church, volunteer in my community, have a nice house, several dogs, and generally just live a comfortable life. Oh, and have a white picket fence. A few years ago, this was the dream. That was my dream. Now, don't get me wrong, there's nothing inherently wrong with the white picket fence dream. However, we are called to SO. MUCH. MORE. Let me explain...

I was on the road to the …

Revolutionary Road, Part 1.

This blog post was a long time months, maybe even years. It's about the fact that God has called me, but I'm just now figuring out what He has called me to.

This past week I was a small group leader at a camp called Kadesh. If you don't know anything about Kadesh, I will tell you that it is unlike most summer camps. Campers (who are around ages 14-18) are called to dig deep into God's word and to worship Him with all their hearts. Most of the day at camp is spent doing bible studies in small groups, listening to guest speakers, worshipping, or doing service in the surrounding community. There is very little free time, and it's designed that way. At Kadesh, we believe high schoolers are able to go deeper. We believe God is ready to show up in their lives. We believe that one camper at a time, God can change the world. And He does.

I was a Kadesh camper for four years. Before that, I was a camper at the middle school and elementary age camps at ACU. Whe…

Peace, Be Still.

So I'll be the first one to tell you I go to therapy. It's no secret. It's just talk therapy. We talk about my thoughts, feelings, difficult decisions, etc.  Basically whatever is on my heart and mind. I have two therapists--one at home, and one at school. I go to therapy for a variety of reasons, but one reason is because I want to be a therapist someday, so I'm learning as well as getting help for myself. I am not ashamed that I go to therapy, and I believe that everyone needs some therapy, if not a lot. But therapy can come in many forms. My therapists often give me homework or a challenge for the week. This week, my homework is to rest. Easier said than done!

You see, this summer I'm a youth intern for my home church. Last week, we went on Trek, which consists of climbing a mountain and growing closer to the Lord together. It's physically and mentally exhausting. This week, I've had 5 appointments of various sorts, a fellowship lunch called Koinonia wit…