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You're Invited to "Go With Me" to Argentina!

Dear friends and family,

In about a week, I'll be leaving on a mission trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a part of the "Let's Start Talking" Ministry. My team and I will partner with a local congregation and missionary to reach out to people who are interested in improving their conversational English. In order to help them improve their English, we will be reading the Gospel of Luke with them one-on-one, in the Easy-to-Read version of the Bible. During my project in Buenos Aires, I'll be focusing on two concepts: sharing Jesus and sharing myself. I'll have the chance to build friendships and serve as an illustration of the difference Jesus can make in our lives.

 This will be my first opportunity to go on a mission with Let's Start Talking (LST), and you are invited to join me in this mission over the next few weeks, both prayerfully and financially if you feel led to contribute. Presently I am still about $900 short of my goal of $3,650, which I commi…