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Somber Occasions, Bookends, & Marathons.

The post is mostly for me. I needed to take some time to process this weekend. But, if anyone can learn something from my journey, then by all means--read away! 

It's late; about 1:30 AM. I'm in a house I've known since I was...well, probably since around the time I was born, I guess. It's my Aunt and Uncle's house. Almost all my family is gathered here this weekend for a somber yet special occasion: beginning to clean out my other Aunt's possessions from her house. I've looked forward to and dreaded this occasion, which is probably why I can't sleep so far tonight. It may also be the reason I've slept SO much during the last week. Sometimes sleep is my only escape from the reality that my family is broken. We're missing huge, gaping chunks from what used to seem perfectly whole. Empty chairs at the table. Or, a smaller table at a restaurant will do...because our family's down by two this year. And I just can't tell you how that hurts. I…

A 24th Birthday Prayer.

Lately, I've finally been giving out my blogging "business" cards, so I felt that I needed to update my good ol' blog. Also, I turned 24 a few weeks ago! So, those two things (handing out my cards and my 24th birthday) motivated me to write the next 24 things, in the form of a prayer. Here it goes....

Dear Lord, 
1. Thank you for another year of life. I know that you ordained and blessed my life 24 years ago and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I praise you, and I ask that if it be your will I would be blessed with many more years on Earth to struggle & fight for your Kingdom...because for me to live means I get more chances to share my story of Your redemption, and to die means I get to be with You in paradise forevermore. Either way, I'm good! It is well with my soul! 
2. Thank you for my family. I pray protection over them and that they would seek you, Lord. They have taken care of me and been a blessing for me in too many ways to count. I love ea…