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2015 Year in Review.

Wow, it's strange to think that 2015 is over. This year has simultaneously flown by and been incredibly difficult.

Here's 15 things about 2015 I want to remember, starting with number 15 and counting down (though not EXACTLY in the order that I enjoyed them or in the order I cherish them):

15. Sigma Theta Chi. This year marked my last events in social club, which included formal with my wonderful friend Brantly!
14. SING SONG! I finally got to be in the Siggie act, and we WON 1st place! Woohoo!!
13. All the little things. Trips to sonic with friends. Walking Nugget around the Lunsford trail with Taylor or Savannah or Gaby. Late night trips to Whataburger. Midnight worship. Church. A beautiful sunset. So many things, too many to count. They all made this year more beautiful.
12. Getting to know new friends. Among them, new friends in Seekers (Gaby, Lindsay, Audrey, Lyla, Hannah, Paden, and Taylor) who are all tremendously talented. Gaby was my accountability buddy in Seekers, a…