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To Mom and Dad: 35 Thank You's for 35 Years.

This month my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary. I made them a scrapbook titled, "Thirty-five thank you's for thirty-five years." It included pictures, and I must say, it was a big hit with Mom and Dad. The following are my 35 "thank you's" that were in the scrapbook, in a slightly different, unnumbered order. Without further ado, here are my 35 things: 

"Dear Mom and Dad,
Congratulations on 35years of marriage! There are many things I am thankful for about the two of you, but here are just 35 in celebration of your 35th year of marriage:
1. Thank you for teaching me to always look for sales...especially at Kohl's! 2. Thank you for teaching me to always say "I love you" when I hang up the phone or when I leave home. 3. Thank you for teaching me that I  shouldn't throw my clothes on the floor…and for forgiving me when I still do it all the time. 4. Thank you for teaching me that no matter what happens in our lives, as long a…