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Feeling Stuck.

Do you ever feel stuck?

I'm sitting in the campus center of the university where I have been a student off-and-on for the last six years. I love this place, but I must admit I'm growing weary. I'm tired, and not just physically.

I am emotionally, mentally, socially, and yes, physically exhausted.

I cannot tell you how hard it is to feel "stuck" in one place for six years while all around me people are graduating, moving, getting jobs, dating, getting engaged, getting married, buying houses, having babies and so on. Or maybe you already know because you feel the same way.

Here I am: almost twenty-five years old, and still several semesters away from earning the degree I set out to earn at age eighteen, and I have never even changed my major.


This stuck feeling?
It's deep down, buried inside, and sometimes it comes out in the worst ways...

It can make you feel like a failure, even if you're not a failure at all.
It can make you feel like you'll n…