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Life Lately: thoughts on failure, shame, marriage, and Jesus.

So as many of you are aware by now, I withdrew quickly and quietly from school at ACU this past semester with no plans to return and finish my degree. It was simultaneously a really hard and really easy decision. Hard because I'd wanted to attend ACU almost my whole life and never thought I'd leave without graduating. Easy because I'd become tired, fed-up, depressed, and ready for something different.

And here I am. A college dropout. Not forever, but for now. I'm taking a gap year before I go to Bergin in California to complete a Bachelor's degree.

Allow me to be honest: I have felt and currently feel like a failure for dropping out of school. I have felt ashamed of my decision to leave school. I have felt sad about missing out. I have felt depressed about moving to another city and starting over.

As I've been trying to meet people in the church I'm going to now, I find it hard to even explain where I am in life right now, much less how I'm feeling abo…